Dress Code

Ballet Classes (Girls)

Leotard –

ITwirl Dance – Pink

Ballet I – Lavender

Ballet II –  Royal Blue

Ballet III – Hunter

Ballet IV – Burgundy

Ballet V – Black

*Order Resources listed below*


Tights – ITwirl Dance and Ballet I

Ballet Pink convertible tights with Ballet Pink Full Sole Ballet Shoes


Flesh tone convertible tights with Flesh tone Full Sole Ballet Shoes

Tights – Ballet II – III – IV – V –

Ballet Pink convertible tights with Ballet Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes


Flesh tone convertible tights with Flesh tone Split Sole Ballet Shoes.

Other Dress Code Requirements – 

*No excessive jewelry

*Hair may be worn in any style, but must remain pulled up, secured, and off the nape of the neck.

*For older, young ladies, flesh tone undergarments only should be worn under their class leotards. Some suggestions have been provided below.

*Additional Resources for young, female dancers coming of age –

More Information –

*The below order links are provided for your convenience. Should you find the same color for your dancer’s level in a style you prefer, you may order that as well!

When you look the part... dance the part.

How to Pancake your Ballet Shoes Tutorial

Ballet Classes (Boys)

White Fitted Top

Black Tights (Ballet)

Dance Belt Suggested (Boys ages 10+ years)

Black Ballet Shoes (Ballet)

Kenwood School of Ballet
A legacy of excellence.

Acrobatic Arts (Girls and Boys)

Leotard –

Any SOLID color (Girls)

White Fitted Top (Boys)

Tights –

Convertible Flesh Tone (Girls when taking any other genre in the same day)

Bottoms –

Black Biker Shorts or Black Leggings (Girls and Boys)

*No hard hair pieces and no excessive jewelry

Open Technique, Hip Hop Musical Theatre Classes
(Girls and Boys)

Girls –

Leotard – Any SOLID color

Leggings – Black

Flesh Tone Ballet Shoes

Boys –

White Fitted Top

Leggings – Black

Black Ballet Shoes

Hip Hop Classes 

Comfortable, moveable clothing

Closed, toe sneakers

PLEASE make sure shoes are clean. 

Production Tights and Shoe
Purchase Information

Production Tutorial Videos