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Kenwood School of Ballet's
Pre-Ballet and Primary Programs for 2-6 year old dancers!

ITwirl Dance Programs

Welcome to our Pre-Ballet Program for 2-3 year old dancers! Kenwood School of Ballet’s Artistic Director, Kristi Mosbey has been developping an intuitive, tactile, and innovative Pre-Ballet program over the course of her eighteen year teaching career. This program has become an engaging primary program implemented by the KSB Teaching Artists, and a deeply loved and cherished experience by our youngest dancers over the last nine years.

Ballet I/Musical Theatre Combo

Welcome to our Ballet I Program for 4-6 year old dancers!

The Ballet I program continues the age appropriate elements introduced in our 2-3 year old ITwirl Dance Program. Elements are reinforced at the dancer’s cognitive and increased physical
level appropriate for dancers of this age. All basic Ballet and dance vocabulary will be re-introduced and
expanded upon!

Please note, the ITwirl Dance Program is not a pre-requisite to participate in our Ballet I program.

Acrobatic Arts

In addition to our Ballet programs for dancers 2-6 years of age, we are pleased to be a certified Acrobatic Arts school. Our Primary Acrobatic Arts class is appropriate for dancers as young as four years of age

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Additional Programs

The Kenwood School of Ballet is also pleased to offer other high energy and engaging programs for dancers!!!

Check out our Hip-Hop I and Musical Theatre I classes for dancers as young as four years of age.

Musical Theatre

Dancers will be exploring movement vocabulary in the genres of classic
Jazz and Tap Dance. Dancers will learn the words and  choreography
to famous musicals to incorporate into fun character studies and dance

Hip Hop

Join us in this fun, upbeat , and urban movemement dance class!

Need more Information?

Not sure which style you want your dancer to learn? Trial classes are available. For more information, please contact us.

We look forward to TWIRLIN’ with you!

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