Covid Information

Greetings Twirlers,

I would like to remind everyone that our successful, and SAFE reopening is EVERYONE’S responsibility. 

We are a small, loving, responsible community of families. I thank you for your continued diligence in practicing low risk, personal life style choices outside of the dance studio. We are in this together, and KSB, and KAM Isaiah Israel plan to do their part in providing a clean, safe, responsible environment. 

Thank you for love, commitment, and support of our community’s children.

Love, Miss Kristi

Information and Resources

Studio Entrance/Exit Logistics –

We CANNOT guarantee building entrance for dancers arriving one minute past their scheduled class times. Teachers will close the door at the exact start of class times in order to get dancers in to the classroom, and begin classes as quickly as possible.

Studio A/B – Entrance/Exit will now be at the Greenwood Ave Playground Entrance

Vick Hall – Entrance/Exit will now be at the Parking Lot Main Door

Studio C – Entrance/and SOME exits will be through the direct front door at Studio C and some exits at the backyard door of Studio C in the very back of the parking lot

Building Access Info –

Dancers, and KSB Staff ONLY are permitted in any parts of the building. Parents will NOT be permitted in to any parts of the building. We strongly ask that you respect this request in a very strict fashion. If you would like to schedule an in person chat, we can plan to speak outdoors.

The only exceptions for building entrance for adults will be for our 2-4 year old dancers in regards to potty. We would like to maintain our distance as educators from your children, so if you know that your 2-4yr old dancer may need bathroom assistance during their class, we ask that you wait outside (in your car/accessible) in the event that you would need to enter the building to assist.

Drop Off/Pick Up –

Please plan to arrive 10-15 min prior for each class. For classes that are Level II and lower, a KSB team member will be at each designated entrance outlined above to receive, as well as dismiss your dancers. We ask that you park in the parking lot, or down Greenwood (free parking), and walk your dancer to their building entrance door. We also ask that you are on time to drop off and pick up dancers. This is VERY important so that we can begin and end classes on time. Greeters will escort dancers to the classroom 5 min prior to class start. If your dancer arrives after this time, they may not be able to enter the building. Level III+ dancers are welcome to enter/exit independently.

Class Gaps for Dancers in Multiple Classes – 

If your dancer is in multiple classes, and has a substantial class time gap, we ask that you either plan to wait with them outside between classes, or reach out to Miss Kristi to make an arrangement to have them remain in the building. Older dancers are welcome to visit OUTSIDE with proper social distancing (for now). If our Level III+ dancers are not mature enough to do this, we may ask that dancers wait with their parent.

More Details –

In the event of a Covid Positive dancer or Staff Member, we will convert all classes to ZOOM for the CDC recommended length of days in order to sanitize all touch surfaces. This last season, this was for 48 hours. All positive and/or exposed dancers and staff will be asked to quarantine the CDC recommended days, as well as produce a negative covid test prior to return to studios.

Contactless forehead temperature checks will be taken at each of the three building entrances for any dancer or adult entering the building.

Sanitizing stations will be at every building entrance. Dancers will have to disinfect their hands up to their elbows upon entering, as well as exiting the building.

Weather permitting, Hip-Hop, and Musical Theatre classes will be held in the back parking lot area behind Studio C. Dancers should always have street sneakers with them for each class.

Weather permitting, all indoor classes will be taught with all doors and windows open.

Weather permitting, Ballet II+ classes will be held outside near the garden on Greenwood. NEW – we ask these level Ballet students to have the following for every class…..T-shirt/shorts for modesty cover ups should we plan to go outside, socks, and a yoga mat. They will need the yoga mat surface while they are at the “barre.”

Due to the touching of equipment and being on the floor, we will be suspending our Progressing Ballet Technique program in Ballet IIB+ classes during this session.

All dancers 4yrs of age and older must have a face covering to participate in classes. Face coverings do NOT need to be secured tightly under the chin. Please ensure that there is a gap from the nose and mouth downward to allow flow of air. An example would be a bandana tied at the bridge of the nose and left open/loose downward.

Classes are scheduled with 5-10 minute gaps. Teachers will be disinfecting all touch surfaces between each class (door handles, toilet handles, toilet seats, light switches).

We ask that dancers do NOT wear plastic, medical gloves. When not used properly, plastic gloves actually increase spread of germs.

We ask that each returning dancer’s guardian acknowledge and submit our Covid-19 Liability Release E-Waiver found on your Parent Portal.

Water fountains will not be accessible. Public use of water fountains can further spread germs. Dancers must plan to bring FULL water bottle(s) to classes.

We will not be performing hands on spotting or corrections in Acro and Ballet classes. We will be working on strength and conditioning and more “self managed” skills for the time being.

If there are any other concerns not addressed above, please reach out to schedule a time to chat!